The international students of CUPB actively participated in the 14th “ Girls' Day on March 7th” Women's Sports Festival

The 14th “Girls' Day on March 7th” Women's Sports Festival of CUPB was held in the gymnasium at 13:00 on March 7, 2024.

College of International Education was attended by a team of 11 female students and 4 male students from Mongolia, Bangladesh, Yemen, Morocco, Pakistan and other countries.

Students from various colleges conducted a series of colorful activities such as "Invincible hot wheels”, “Magic of love circle”, “Interlocking”, “Dressing Relay”, “Group jumping rope”, and “I am a foodie”.

In this activity, the students from College of International Education gave full play to the team spirit, enhanced the students' health, and increased the interest of international students in participating in sports.

College of International Education won the third place in the “Invincible Hot Wheels” project,the eighth place in both “Dressing Relay” and “Interlocking” project and the “Group Excellent Organization” award.