Medical service

The clinic on campus (on the north side of Building A) offers medical service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Two of the biggest hospitals in Changping district are also very close to the campus. In case of emergency, call 120 for immediate medical service.

Health Examination

For all new students, you should complete the Health Examination within 10 days after entering China.

Address of Health Examination  Center:

10 Dezheng Road, Xibeiwang, Haidian District, Beijing  Tel: 82403675

Route: Take subway Changping Line or Line 13 to Xi Er Qi Station, then take Bus 333 Wai to Xia Lin Yuan Station and walk west 100 meters.

Tips for health examination: carry your original passport and the original health report from your home country,

Health Examination fee: around400RMB per person (Student price only valid if you take your Student Card and Admission Letter).

Office Hour: 8:00-11:30 am from Monday to Friday (except official public holidays).

Document needed for health examination:

※  Passport

※  2 photos (3.5*5.2cm with white-colored background)

※  Health report with effective results from your home country (if applicable) to skip relevant examination.

※ JW201/202 Form and Admission letter

Items of heath examination: physical check-up, E.C.G, X-ray, Radiology, and taking blood,etc.


1、Keep stomach empty before you go for health examination.

2、Usually You should go by yourself. We will try to arrange a bus to the Health Examination center together in September if there are enough students.


According to the regulations, all of the international students in China must buy personal insurance. The insurance company will cover the expenses occurred in your medical or accident treatment. You can find the details in the insurance instructions handbook.

The medical expenses of those who have concealed his psychosis, epilepsy, infectious or mental disease from the university will not be reimbursed. The university holds the right to dismiss students severely affected by one or more of these diseases.

Insurance Policies in Details: