Notice on the Selection of Excellent Graduates of CUPB in 2024

I. The Candidates

International students graduating in June 2024 (undergraduate, master and doctoral students)

II. Selection Conditions

1. The candidates should abide by the laws and regulations of China and the rules and regulations of the university;

2. The candidates should study hard and earnestly, with excellent results, and have no records of failing any courses on the transcript (no "repeat" or "make-up" marks);

3. The candidates should be with excellent moral character, strong sense of honesty and good academic morality;

4. The candidates should actively participate in cultural and sports activities and practical activities both inside and outside the university;

5. The candidates who have been punished and have bad records during their school years shall not participate in the evaluation;

6. The candidates obtained one or more advanced personal honorary at the university level during the school period will be given priority.

III. Selection Ratio

The number of the excellent graduates will not more than 10% of the total number of graduates.

IV. Selection Procedure

1. Graduates who meet the requirements shall submit the materials for application to the College of International Education;

2. The College of International Education shall establish a working group for the selection of excellent graduates, and the selection shall be conducted according to the selection criteria and proportion;

3. The College of International Education shall publicize the results of the selection, determine the final list after publicity, and report to the university;

4. The university will award and commend the "excellent graduate of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)" with an honorary certificate.

V. Documents Needed

1. Personal transcript, download from, must be stamped by the Academic Affairs Office. The download date of the transcript should be after April 10, 2024. (All the applicants need to submit the form)

2. Application form for Outstanding Graduate of China University of Petroleum (Beijing)(All the applicants need to submit the form)

3. Supervisor's Evaluation (Only master and Ph.D students should submit it. Please contact the supervisor to fill it out by typing or handwriting, The supervisor can directly sign on the paper version or provide an electronic signature.)

4. Self-presentation PPT (Prepare a PPT and report your study, research, extracurricular activities since you entered the school. All the applicants need to submit the ppt.)

VI. Application Time

1. Please send all the materials to e-mail before 8:00 AM on April 15 (Beijing time), 2024.

2. The subject line of the email should be "2024EG- Chinese Name - Student Number - Student Category", such as "2024EG- Xiao Ming -2018888888- PhD student".

3. The file names of the attachments are"2024EG- Chinese Name - Student Number - Student Category - Transcript", "2024EG- Chinese Name - Student Number - Student Category - Form" and "2024EG- Chinese Name - Student Number - Student Category -PPT".

4. Late submission is invalid. The outstanding graduate selection working group of the College of International Education will review all the application materials and conduct the selection.

VII. Other Matters

Students who are awarded as excellent graduates will be disqualified as excellent graduates if they are punished for disciplinary violations before graduation or fail to obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate on time.