Arrangement and Notice of 2024 Winter Vacation  

For your safety during the holiday, we kindly remind you some tips as following. Please read them carefully and inform each other. Wish you enjoy a safe and happy holiday!

I. Winter vacation time

Duration: From January 18 to February 25, 2024

Please note that classes will start on February 26th, 2024, make your plan accordingly, and don’t be absent from your classes.

II. Regulations and Policies

1. All international students MUST comply with Chinese laws and regulations and CUPB university’s policies.

2. Any violation of national laws, ordinances, and statutes will result in legal penalties from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, and, depending on the severity of the offense, will be given a serious warning which could lead to expulsion from CUPB University. Of special note are common violations such as illegal working with student visa, visa expiration, unruly behavior due to alcohol, and disturbing the peace when staying off campus.

3. Please abide by all traffic regulations and pay attention to traffic safety. Driving motor vehicles or electric motorcycle without license, or driving while intoxicated is not allowed, and shall be penalized according to Chinese laws and regulations. When riding an electric motorcycle with a certificate, do not speed, do not carry people, do not retrograde, stop in the designated area near the school gate after entering the school, do not ride in the school. If riding a bicycle, do not go against traffic or run red lights.

III. Safety Tips for Students Going Away

1. Before you leave the school, please turn off all your electrical devices and remove plugs to prevent accidents such as fire.

2. Pay attention to the safety of food, transportation, personal property, and strengthen the awareness of self-protection and safety prevention, and timely call the counselors in case of emergency.

3. Take good care of your belongings, do not store cash and valuables in your room when you go away. Be alert to frauds, pyramid schemes and traps.

4. Avoid accidental injuries caused by traffic accidents, drowning, natural disasters, food poisoning, crowding and trampling.

5. Students MUST inform your International Student Counselors before leaving Beijing (Scan the QR code below to fill in the application form) and carry a valid passport with you at all times. You should register your accommodation address within 24 hours when you arrive at your destination in China.


IV. Notes for Students Staying on Campus

1. Dormitory opening and closing times:

Sunday, Monday to Thursday: Open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 24:00 p.m,

Friday and Saturday: Open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 2:00 a.m.

2. Do not lend the room keys to others or ask others to keep them, do not let other person to stay in your room. If you have noticed any suspicious person, please report to the staffs in time.

3. Carefully use the electricity and water. Do not cook food in the room, do not use prohibited electrical appliances such as electric blankets, electric stove. If any abnormality is found, please contact the front desk at the first time.

4. Winter is a fire prone period. Do not smoke in the dorm and do not throw your cigarette butt away randomly. Fireworks are prohibited.

V. School service guarantee arrangement

1. During the winter vacation, the number of people will be reduced, and some school doors will be closed. The North Gate of the North Campus, the South Gate of the East Campus (January 29th - February 18th), and the Southwest Gate of the South campus (February 9th - February 17th) will be temporarily closed.

2. In addition, when visiting the school, teachers, staff and off-campus personnel must take the initiative to cooperate with the staff for identity verification before entering the school, and it is prohibited to follow or break through the gate.

3. Library opening time

According to the winter vacation schedule of the school in 2024, the library will be open for winter vacation hours from January 22nd to February 22nd, and will resume normal opening hours from February 23rd.

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30

Opening Date

Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week

January   22nd

January   24th

January   26th

January   29th

January   31st

February   2nd

February 19th

February 21st

4. Canteen service

The first floor of the first canteen and the first floor of the third canteen resumed business on February 23, and the other restaurants and stalls resumed business on February 26.

Service Zone

Service Time

North Campus

Halal restaurant on the first floor of the second  canteen

Breakfast: 06:40-09:00

Lunch: 10:40-13:00

Dinner: 16:40-18:30

North Campus

Second canteen, second floor staff dining room

Lunch: 10:40-13:00

Dinner: 16:40-18:30

Depends on the availability of meals

East campus

Halal area on the first floor of the third canteen

Lunch: 10:40-13:00

Dinner: 16:40-18:30

Depends on the availability of meals

5. Teaching building opening time arrangement

Classroom Service

Service Time

Classrooms on the first, second and third floor of the Forth Teaching Building

From January 22nd to February 22nd


The Fifth Teaching Building

East Teaching Building

From January 22nd to January 26th


6. Stadium opening time arrangement


Service Time

January 22nd to February 3rd and February 19th to 22nd

Badminton GYM




Table Tennis GYM


Tennis Court


During the winter vacation, the basketball court   and track and field are open during the day, and the swimming pool is closed.

7. School hospital schedule

General clinic will be on duty: 8:30-11:00, 14:30-17:00 (Room 109, 1st floor, closed from February 9th to February 12th)

Suspended items: Preventive care Department, Stomatology department, Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, physiotherapy department, laboratory department, Radiology Department, and public medical reimbursement materials receiving work.

8. Emergency Telephone Number

International Student Apartment A


International Student Apartment B


International Student Apartment C