Notice on Comprehensive Evaluation for International postgraduates of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2022

According to the rules of Comprehensive Evaluation of International undergraduates of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and other school regulations, it is planned to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of all international postgraduate students in our university. The specific plans are as follows:

I. the participants of evaluation

The evaluation participants include current students other than the Class of 2022 international graduate students; international graduate students who are currently suspended from school may not participate in this comprehensive evaluation.

For those who should participate in the comprehensive evaluation but do not submit the comprehensive evaluation materials according to the time node, the comprehensive evaluation result defaults to "temporarily unavailable".

II. Online review process

Student application: for international graduate students, please log in to "E-Service" before 17:00 on December 18, Beijing time, search for "Comprehensive Assessment" and click to apply, fill in the personal application information according to the relevant requirements, and submit relevant supporting materials. Submit it in the system after completion (please fill in carefully and submit them at one time, and can not submit them repeatedly).

Comments on mentors: international graduate mentors please log in to "E-Service" and select the student applications to be reviewed under the "to-do" tab, click to enter the mentor evaluation page, and review and grade the students' submission materials according to the relevant requirements.

College of International Education counselor audit score: College of International Education counselors please log in to "E-Service" to view the applications that need to be reviewed and complete the material review and grading under the "my to-do" label.

College of International Education approval: The College of International Education will log in to "E-Service" to confirm the comprehensive evaluation results.

III. Evaluation results

The College of International Education will publish the comprehensive evaluation results on the website of the College of International Education of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in late December.

The publicity period is 5 working days.

During the publicity period, if there are any objections or problems with the comprehensive evaluation results, you can send an e-mail to to reflect.

The Institute of International Education will conduct annual scholarship evaluation according to the comprehensive evaluation results in accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of all kinds of scholarships, and publicize the scholarship evaluation results.

If the result of the annual audit is up or down, it will take effect in September 2023.

If the result of the annual audit is suspended or cancelled, it will take effect in January 2023.

IV. Note

According to the categories of students, the College of International Education will use the Dingtalk platform to hold an online comprehensive assessment meeting to introduce the assessment rules and answer various questions. The specific notice of the meeting will be published in the Wechat group and Dingtalk group of each grade.

China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

College of International Education

November, 2022