Notice on Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students 2022 (3)

Dear Chinese Government Scholarship students,

Online Student Self-Assessment of Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students in academic year 2022/2023 is open now.

Scholarship students who will still enjoy the CSC Scholarship after September 2022, including the students who are planning to apply for an extension and meet the conditions are required to complete Online Student Self-Assessment before May 9, 2022.

For the conditions for extending the scholarship period for doctoral students, please refer to the "Notice on the Application of Chinese Government Scholarship Doctoral Students for Extending the Scholarship Funding Period" (Notification link: htm).

*Those who have been in the suspension of schooling may not participate in the review.

Please see "Operation Guide for Online Student Self-Assessment”in the attachment.Operation-Guide-for-Online-Student-Self-Assessment

Please note:

1. The Annual Review for CSC Scholarship Students in 2022/2023 will be completed online through the "Chinese Government Scholarship Information System". Students are requested to complete the Online Student Self-Assessment within the prescribed time. Paper materials are not required.

2. Those who fail to participate in the Annual Review within the prescribed time shall be disqualified from the Chinese Government Scholarship.

The final results of the Annual Review will be approved by the China Scholarship Council and will come into effect in September 2022.

China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

College of International Education

April 30, 2022