Notice on the Selection of Outstanding International Student Cadres of China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2022

In order to encourage international students to work hard, give full play to the international student's special skill and creative ability, enhance the sense of competition and success, College of International Education, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) will start the selection of outstanding international student cadre, specific item notified as follows.

I. Application qualifications:

1. 2019、2020、2021 undergraduate students, 2019、2020、2021 master students, 2018、2019、2020、2021 doctoral students;

2. The average score in the latest version of the valid transcript submitted should be at least 75 points (GPA≥2.5);

3. International students applying for the outstanding international student cadre scholarship should work as international student assistant in the College of International Education; or serve as the principal and deputy principal of any other registered school-level associations in 2022.


These students shall not be eligible for application

(1) those who violate Chinese laws and regulations, school regulations;

(2) undergraduate, master's and doctoral students who delay their graduation;

(3) students who fail to pass the course in the 2022-2023 academic year;

(4) students during the suspension period.

II. Application materials

1.Click Attachment 1 to download the application form for outstanding international student cadre: 2022年优秀国际学生干部申请表 Application Form of 2022 Outstanding student cadre.

2.Transcript: can be downloaded from the plat form 

3. Supporting materials for participating in and organizing practical activities on and off campus

III. Application method

Please send your application materials to Before 8 a.m, December 11, 2022 Beijing time.

Name format for mail and compressed zip file: 22EXC-Chinese name-student number. For example, 22EXC-Xiaoming-202088888888. Identify each material in Chinese or English.

IV. Assessment methods and standards:

1. Participants should register on time, study hard and have excellent academic performance;

2. Served as the above work for a full academic year during the school year, with remarkable achievements, actively and enthusiastically doing the social work undertaken by themselves, not afraid of difficulties, regardless of personal gains and losses, and won the respect of classmates.

V. Announcement of preliminary evaluation results and acceptance of complaints: December

VI. Contact information

College of International Education

Telephone: 89733979

Attachment 1:

2022年优秀国际学生干部申请表 2022 Outstanding student cadre

College of International Education

In December, 2022